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How to make the big move more manageable


Packing up and moving out takes a lot of time and effort. Moving to a new home is tantamount to taking your entire life with you and placing it someplace new. If you’ve experienced moving before, then you know how big a task it is. If not, here are some tips to help make your move easier to manage.

Create a checklist. Write everything down to make sure you will not leave anything out. It will also help you once you start putting labels on those boxes. The secret to a more headache-free move is through careful planning and organisation.

Stock up. Buy the basics including boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc. and make sure you have enough (if not extra) of everything. It will make your life much easier once you start packing.

Make sure not to overload any of your boxes to the point that they become impossible for people to lift. This will prevent unwanted accidents and ensure               your personal belongings stay intact.

Don’t cram. You ought to be at least seventy percent ready days, if not weeks, before your big move. It is a bad idea to finish packing half of your stuff up on the moving day itself. Aside from being disorganised, this could also result to careless packing that would eventually lead to damaged or forgotten items.

Designate. Unless you are doing the big move yourself, you will likely need to instruct movers on where to place your stuff once they arrive at your new home. For a more coordinated process, colour-code each room of the house and place stickers of those same colours on each of the boxes. That way, they will know which rooms to put which boxes in, and you will not have to worry about moving those heavy things by yourself once you get there.

Protect valuables. If you have antiques, silverware, and other valuable possessions, it would be best if you just kept them with you during the move. The same holds true for important documents. Don’t leave them with the mover unless you have no other option but to do so. In any case, find out what the insurance from the mover covers, and ask what requirements are needed just in case you would need to file a claim.

Moving is not the best activity there is, but going through it is a normal part of life. All you can do is come prepared to make that day more bearable and less daunting for yourself and the entire family. Getting ready for it ahead of time will help you stay on top of your affairs both in your old house and the new.

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