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How to Maintain Leasability or Saleability of Commercial Properties

Selling a commercial property is different from selling a residential one. Yes, both properties can be enhanced through staging, but commercial properties are often not that photogenic. Despite the unphotogenic trait, what buyers are looking for is actually maintenance.

It’s important to make sure your property is well-maintained before listing it to pique a buyer’s interest. As a property seller, you should be able to look at both the small things and big things. From lights to ceiling tiles, pay attention to every detail of the whole picture.


Here are things to check out first before listing your property:

  • Windows should be cleaned, especially when it already looks cloudy, and replace if broken.
  • Double check the ceiling tiles and replace it if ever there are leaks from condensation on HVAC ducting.
  • Lights that are still wired with sodium lights should be replaced with energy-efficient lighting, even if just a part of the commercial space, and keep utilities on everywhere then turn it off using a breaker.
  • Always use dehumidifiers in vacant to remove unwanted aromas
  • Curb appeal is important so make sure you fix your landscaping, which will look great with well-pruned plants.
  • Buyers will definitely look at your parking spaces, so make sure there are no cracks, potholes or broken asphalt.


Selling commercial properties is not as easy as the count of one to three. Buyers know what they’re looking for so make sure to pay attention from the tips above to maintain your property and make it presentable when viewing comes. These are actually easy things to look out for and will definitely save you thousands of dollars. How? Replacing your lights with LED ones are cost-efficient and sustainable.

Also, if you want to make a good impression on listings of commercial properties Australia from National Brokers Network or other real estate websites, make sure to regularly maintain your property to prepare it in the future.

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