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How to Keep Your Home Cool Without The Energy Cost Surge


Summer is on, Austrailia. And this is the time to experience high-level temperatures and uncomfortably sweaty.  Once the heat goes up to the unbearable levels, it is time to battle it by turning on the air conditioning unit. This system definitely brings down the heat but brings up the bill. Turning on a lot of cooling systems may provide relaxation but it definitely pays. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the bills without sacrificing comfortability with these tips!


Over time, filters accumulate dust and dirt. Leaving the filters dirty will reduce its air flow, making it release less air than it should. Examine the filters once a month and evaluate if it is time to clean or replace it. Keeping the filters tidy will help cut energy costs from 5 to 15 percent.


If the house has a central air conditioning unit installed, make sure to double check if it is properly insulated, especially in areas where air conditioning is not used. In case leaks or holes are found, it is best to call an expert to properly fix the problem since duct tapes only serve as a temporary solution. If there are rooms that are left unused or seldom used, close the doors and close vents to save energy and lessen energy costs.


Fans are great to use since it has the same function as an air condition — cools the area — and is lesser in terms of costs. However, it is not as strong as an air condition unit but is a great supplement for cooling. If the temperature is milder, the perfect thing to do is to use a fan instead of an air condition unit and save up to 60 percent on the energy bill.


As the summer gives off the unwanted heat, it is time to do countermeasures to cool down the house and energy bills. Once should remember when to check the filters, ducts, and vents to know when to clean it to increase air flow. If there are leaks and holes discovered on ducts and vents, the use of a duct tape can be a temporary solution but it is best to seek professional help. Also, do not forget the friendly fan that can be an alternative during milder days.

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