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How to Improve Your Communication Skills as a Business Owner and Influencer

Launch events, dinners, gatherings and whatnot come with advantages to entrepreneurs and budding business people. Events like these open you to doors of opportunities to promote your products or services, and, most importantly, to build connections. All it takes is to initiate small talk to spark a conversation with eventgoers or other people involved in your business, such as employees and customers.

Get started in building your connections in real life and online. Here are simple tips on how to improve your communication skills as a business owner and influencer.


Decide First

Business events often cater to hundreds to thousands of people within an area. As a person who wants to initiate small talk, the first step identifying the people who might attend the event. Having prior knowledge about the attendees will help you come up with relevant material to bring up that matches a common interest in their background.


Pay Attention

Once you’ve struck the first move, it’s crucial, as a business person or any person in that matter, to pay attention to the other person talking. Learn to be a good listener. Listening intently to the person you’re talking with allows you to gain insights from the questions you asked. On the other hand, the other party will feel at ease and more willing to converse with you.

Also, know when to discuss specific topics within a conversation to avoid losing their interest or making the situation awkward.


  • Ask questions — instead of talking about your business, ask about theirs to have a deeper understanding of what they do. However, don’t focus on questions that only require a one-word answer of a nod. Ask open-ended questions to start a more in-depth conversation or further pique their interest.


  • Pay compliments — who wouldn’t want to hear compliments about their achievements or what’s good about them. But, make sure to pay respect when they are due. Showering people praises will only show that you’re only there to suck up or to want something in return.


  • Ask for stories — another way of urging other people to speak or open up is by asking for their stories or experiences. These stories can range from how their business started or events that transpired during the weekend.


Don’t treat other people like strangers

Treating people you’ve only met like a long-time friend is indeed deemed as unprofessional and inappropriate. What’s best for the situation is to act friendly, welcoming, and open. Focus more on meaningful subjects than meaningless small talk to avoid empty interactions.

As a budding business owner or veteran entrepreneur, meeting new people opens avenues of networking, camaraderie, and even partnership that will benefit more than one business. Learning to initiate small talk and transition it into story sharing or a deeper conversation is a must-have skill not only in business but also your personal life and other industries, such as real estate.

When it comes to properties, small talk can also lead to information about a business for sale australia or investments that can grow a business. If you’re planning to buy a business or invest in one, the tips mentioned above will help you in starting a more in-depth conversation through small talk.

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