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How to Avoid Layoffs for Your Business Franchise

A business can be considered as a risk or gamble — either you make it or break it. There are events that happen we can’t control.  On the other hand, there are measures that can help prevent lessen impacts of certain events that could hurt the business, such as a recession.

According to Investopedia, a recession has a domino effect. Increased unemployment negatively affects consumer spending; hence, heavily affecting businesses. Affected businesses by then lay off workers because of experienced losses during the recession.

Don’t let this happen to your business. Here are tips on how to avoid layoffs for your business franchise.


Secure Capital for Future Use — a recession happens when an economy experienced two or more consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product (GDP) growth. That’s not a good sign. Even before this happens, better make sure to secure capital. This will help you have the courage to open your doors and keep the business going even during a recession.


Think First Before Investing — there are times when business is booming, which leads you to think that it’s a great time to invest in upgrading it, whether opening a new office or buying new equipment. But do remember that before making any business decision, be sure to think first. Ask yourself if you really need state-of-the-art equipment /software or even hire new people. There is always a perfect time for everything. The best strategy is to plan ahead and choose the expenses that are necessary.


Discuss with Partners and Suppliers — partners and suppliers are individual businesses or entities that have participated in helping your business reach what it is today. With this premise, they deserve to know what’s going on. Your suppliers and partners also have businesses of their own, meaning they’ll also tackle the problem. It’s important to have open conversations with them and find out the next game plan to tackle the recession.

The recession is a definite hit if not mitigated well. National Brokers Network recommends businesses to follow the mentioned tips to get prepared once a recession hit. The economy has its ups and downs and it’s best to become ready with capital for the future, while thinking twice about investing to have money kept in a safe place. It’s also necessary to speak with suppliers and partners to have a grasp of the situation together.

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