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How Technology will Impact Small Businesses in 2019

Technology is fast-paced; it won’t wait for anything. It has its own path to follow without considering if there’s someone following it. As a business, it’s your responsibility to stay up to date with the trends and figure out which trend will work best for you (or if every trend works, go for it). There are many ways to tap into the technological world, but if the business got its hands full, we present to your tech trends to follow for your business, whether newly bought or prepping it to be listed in the market.


Tech Trend #1: Smart Technology Payment Solutions

This trend has and will still tremendously affect businesses regarding payments. When it comes to payments, customers want it to be easy, secure, and fast. Gone are the days they need to travel to payment centres and agencies to pay up. Now, through Smart Technology Payment Solutions, they can pay with just a tap of a finger. However, the difference of emerging technologies aligned with payment systems is that tech giants are looking to include voice-enabled payment options on devices, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google/Apple Pay on a smartphone to mobile payments.


Tech Trend #2: Cloud Security

Security is always number one when it comes to factors in retaining customers. If you’ve just bought a business through a business listing and it lacked security on its cloud, then you’re in big trouble. Small businesses are now gearing towards cloud services, and you should too. But, could services need to upgrade security as hackers are also upgrading their systems to steal sensitive information from you


Tech Trend #3: Artificial Intelligence

We live in a world wherein artificial intelligence is being integrated into our daily lives. Well, it makes lives easier at some point. That’s why artificial intelligence has been one of the go-to technology forsmall businesses. In order for businesses to leverage artificial intelligence, there are people who developed ‘artificial intelligence as a service’ (ALaaS) tools. There is a lot of ALaaS to choose from; you can even Google it and find a long list of available tools that you can leverage.


Tech Trend #4: Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT has already been in presence for a few years. There are already thousands of businesses that are using IoT in their services. But technology is fast; in simple terms, the rapid growth will open new doors to IoT and enable more devices to connect. As a business, the best solution is to establish IoT networks. There will be more devices to manage, but the data you’ll be able to gather is vital to your business and operations.


Technology has grown at a rapid rate in the past few years, integrating different industries. It has caused an impact that many businesses are adapting to new technology to keep with customer expectations. If you’re planning to Buy and Sell Businesses in Australia you can use these trends as a guide to understanding the factors you must look into when buying and selling a business.

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