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How Drones Could Impact Your Business this 2017

Yesteryear’s plans are now what we see in the present. Once a device used by the government, that requires the connection to satellites, planes, and helicopters, drones have now evolved into something civilians can even use in their everyday lives. Photographers and filmmakers have been using drones as a tool to achieve shots on hard-to-achieve angles, especially bird’s eye view below the clouds. Moreover, there is even a sport called drone racing where they control drones via radio and see the live video feed with the camera attached to it to see where the drone is going.


As the evolution and allowing of drones to the public, there is another field who is interested in using one — Business. Some businesses that can benefit with this are the real estate properties and farming. With its many uses, it can surely help the business. Here are examples of how drones could impact your business this 2017.


Offers great image quality

According to the interview of the Entrepreneur to co-founder and CEO of 3D Robotics Chris Anderson, the advancements of drones in business are just a start. He said that drones are the “middle ground” in terms of resolution. Since drones are able to fly under the sky, the images produced have a clearer view compared to satellites that also gets clouds in images. This just proves that the collection of data can be easier done with clear images and videos produced by drones.


Better and efficient services

Since drones are considered a “middle ground”, they can also be used as a tool to make work efficient in other fields. Anderson said that drones can be used in building inspections. The costs of inspections can be expensive with the prices between of $200 to $300 per inspection. But by using a drone, which may be expensive at costs with prices of $1,000 to $3000, the expense of using it for inspection will only cost around $10. Moreover, he said normally the job is about 6 ours, but with a drone, the inspection can be done in an hour and is safer since the drone will be the one flying in the building.


A good investment

With all the uses of the drone, it is definitely a good investment for any business to grow.Drones are considered a powerful information0gathering tool that only costs for a few hundred dollars. Moreover, as the time goes on, prices of drones have been lowered since there are many drone sellers in the market. Anderson explained that “Drones present the biggest Big Data opportunity since the Internet itself.”


With all these applications that the drone can do, business brokers victoria can definitely benefit from it. However, this step will be an investment to take with its pricing nowadays. Even though that is the case, it is still an investment with a big reward for it can help the business in its services and exposure.

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