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Home Safety Tips for the Holidays


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The holidays are almost upon us once again, and a well-deserved break from work and school is in order. If you’re taking off with the entire family on a holiday in some remote part of the country or a different country altogether, you need to make the necessary preparations for your home so you don’t end up worrying about its security over the duration of your trip. The holidays are for rest and relaxation, not anxious thoughts about your empty house.

If you’ll be away for an extended period of time, cancel subscriptions and any scheduled deliveries first. If you have regularly-scheduled services done, such as cleaning or gardening in and around your property, notify those people that you will not be needing their services for a while. It would be a good idea to make a request at the post office to hold onto your incoming mail as well.

For pets that will be left behind, ask your trusted neighbours for assistance in feeding and caring for them while you’re away. It’s just like babysitting, where you’ll need to leave your number and to tell them where they can find you in case anything goes wrong. Try to bring them back a little something from your trip to show your appreciation.

Ensure your locks are secure and don’t forget the doors and windows too. If your home is equipped with an alarm system, make sure to set it before you leave. And don’t forget those spare keys under the potted plant either. If you don’t have a safe or any other secure place in your house where you can leave your valuables, you may wish to take them with you or leave them with other family members or relatives for the time being.

Lights that have timer switches are a great idea, especially if you want to make it appear like you’re at home. Consider setting them to switch on at certain periods during the night to deter thieves, and leave some clothes hanging on the exposed wash line, too. For really long vacations, you may want to ask your friendly and dependable neighbour to mow the lawn for you so it will not become obvious that no one is home to tend to it.

Lastly, be careful what you post on your social media accounts. Don’t broadcast your vacation dates and just upload the photos and share updates with your friends when you get back.

If you plan and prepare for your trip carefully, you will not have anything to worry about back home after you leave. Bon Voyage!

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