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Home Based Passive Income Ideas for Moms

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Are you a full-time parent? You can pursue a money-making business even at home. 

Make additional income to boost your savings from these side business ideas. 

Online selling on Etsy

Put your love for crafts to good use by selling your homemade items on Etsy. This online marketplace is the go-to site for people looking to find beautiful handmade items and crafts. It’s where you can discover items you won’t see anywhere else. If you’ve got a knack for arts and crafts, bring your talent here and start making money off your hobby.


Or more specifically, blogging. It’s not something that will take you from rags to riches instantly, but it’s a great way to make money by doing something you love. If you are passionate about writing, you could become a blogger and make a business out of it.

The key to a successful blog is having a niche which you can treat as your expertise. If you are consistent, you may soon develop an audience and a steady following which you can grow so that it reaches a point when you can monetise it.

Providing in-house childcare services

Got little ones running around the house? Exhausting as it may be, your parenting skills can be put to even better use if you decide to start your own daycare service. You’ll be able to spend time with your kids and earn money looking after other children who can become your children’s friends too.

Depending on the laws in your area, you might need to submit a number of requirements to get things going. Some of them include:

  • The number of kids you are planning to take on
  • Your operating hours
  • Your business license application

You could also present other credentials like your educational background, teaching or training skills, and others you can use to strengthen your credibility and ability to oversee childcare service operations.

A little creativity goes a long way in starting your own profit-making venture. You’ll need support from your partner and your kids too so make sure to consult with them and make the right decision that will benefit everyone.

Good luck!

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