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General Travel Etiquette Tips All Travelers Should Be Aware Of


The availability of budget airfare, affordable accommodations, and the abundance of information online has made overseas travel attainable for more people. Unfortunately, this has given rise to “rude travelers” who make traveling a nightmare for others.

Here are general travel etiquette tips to guide you in future trips.

Share seats

Airports are one of the busiest places there is. Space can be tight and seats can be limited, which is why seats must be used by people, not luggage. When seated at the boarding area, leave the seat next to you open instead of putting your magazine or bag there. That way, more people can sit and fewer will be left standing.

Utilise the space under your seat

On airplanes, overhead storage bins can become really full. Most of the time, the purses and small bags stored there can easily fit under the seat. Use the space you have under your seat. Not only will this benefit you as you get easier access to your stuff, but it would also help your fellow passengers make use of the free space overhead for their bulky bags.

Don’t cut in

It’s normal for people to want to get off the plane as quickly as possible the moment it lands. But don’t be so impatient that you resort to overtaking other passengers seated in the front row just so you can get off first. Give those seated in the rows ahead of yours the chance to exit first.

Look before you recline

Having the person in front of you recline his or her seat carelessly is annoying, so don’t do it to others.  You have every right to recline your seat, just make sure you look behind you first. In case the person seated behind you is on his laptop, he will be able to close it before you recline.

Close doors gently

While most hotel room doors are now equipped with anti-slamming mechanisms, there are still other places where they’re not. When entering and exiting your room, close doors gently so as not to disturb other guests around you.

Keep the volume down

The same rule applies to conversations, music, or television. Whenever you travel and stay in a different place, try to keep the volume down, especially late at night or early in the morning. Just because you can’t sleep, doesn’t mean you should keep others from getting a good night’s rest.

Give way

Sidewalks are almost always busy with foot traffic. A good rule of thumb to follow is to walk on the left side and do the stopping and standing on the right side. If you’ll be stopping on a sidewalk with your luggage, stay on the right side and let people pass. Step aside and don’t block the way.

Following these simple travel etiquette tips can go a long way in keeping you safe and pleasant to be around during your travels. There may be a lot of rude travelers out there, but that’s no reason for you to become one of them.

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