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Feng Shui Tips for Residential Properties

Learning that we should live in harmony with the wind and water on the environment since it’s alive, breathing and full of qi energy is what Feng Shui taught us.

For believers, it’s a must to have an expert to take a look at their homes before and after arranging their furniture. The practice allows homes to invite good luck into a person’s home. Well, good luck won’t come knocking at your door the next day, but Feng Shui can make your home organized and well-decorated. Others even consult experts before buying or selling their homes to make sure it’s in perfect condition — a place that encourages good energy.


2019 is Year of the Earth Pig: What to do?

Every year Feng Shui is patterned based on the year’s Chinese Zodiac — and in 2019’s case, the Earth Pig. Chinese New Year has already passed, meaning there are homes already arranged based on the Chinese Zodiac.

Is your residential property ready for the year of the Earth Pig? If you haven’t, get started with these Feng Shui tips for residential properties that will definitely encourage good energy, luck, and fortune to your home and life as well.



  • In decorating the bedroom, make sure the beds are not positioned in the southeast direction and northeast direction in order to prevent cardiovascular and cerebral diseases and insomnia and other ailments, respectively.
  • If having Feng Shui items is okay for you or your buyer, display a green aventurine Happy Buddha as it is believed to improve the lungs, heart and eyes.
  • Place Bamboo plants in your home because it’s seen as a symbol of longevity. And it remains green for the whole year, so make sure that your home will always house a natural element. However, the plant should be placed in the West.
  • Place a turtle sculpture if you’re having insomnia and if your children are having nightmares. The sculpture should be placed on top of your bed so that it can watch over you and fight over negative energy.



  • Decorate your home with Chinese symbols, especially a pig statue with coins since it’s perfect for 2019. On the other hand, recommended to place the statue in your living room, but make sure it’s facing the door to help you overcome difficulties and find financial success.
  • Hide your mops and brooms to prevent your money from being “swept away.”
  • Always keep your bathroom door closed and toilet lid down to prevent your money from being “flushed away.”



  • A Bamboo plant can also be placed inside your office for it can help you relax.
  • It’s also important to empty the trash can every day and organize your paperwork when needed. Moreover, make sure to place tools and items in their respective places to avoid clutter.
  • Place your phones, desktop, laptops, and other communication devices in the west or northwest part of your home to have contacts within reach, while place family pictures and laps on the west or east and south, respectively.



  • Clean your bedroom to attract love and will also help you become happy.
  • Have better luck in relationships: place red flowers in the bedroom and place your bed to the northwest.
  • Dispose of dying plants and spoiled food to keep away bugs and your room healthy.


Following these tips will likely help your residential properties become organised, making it easier to sell it when you want to enter the buy and sell industry. It’s also important to have a reasonable price point and accommodation to keep buyers interested in your offer.

On the other hand, you can apply these tips if you’re planning to Buy Residential Properties Australia.

Get the help of professionals from National Brokers Network when you want to Buy or Sell Residential Properties Australia— they are experienced enough to handle, help, and guide you every step of the way.

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