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Downsizing: moving to a smaller home


Downsizing is never an easy decision to make, especially if many memories have been built around your current home. However, when you no longer need the space and you decide that it has become impractical for you to maintain the property on your own, it may be time to move on and consider downsizing.

The transition is definitely not going to be easy, but here are some ways to lighten the load just a little bit.

  1. Acceptance

The first step towards moving into a new and smaller home is to accept it as something positive. It’s okay to look back and cherish the memories that were made at home, but it is also important to remember that leaving the house behind does not mean those memories will be lost. The great thing about moving is that you can take the old memories with you and make new ones as well.

It’s okay to feel sad, but you must not forget about the things you ought to be happy and excited about. Embrace your emotions without feeling guilty because it’s all part of change.

  1. Priorities

Downsizing, depending on the reasons behind it, can either bring relief or pain. For instance, if you are moving into a smaller home out of choice, you may have a better feeling about it than someone who is forced to do so because of financial constraints. You can make the move easier on yourself by taking control over the things that you can manage in the new house. Consider the big and small things which are important to you and where possible, make it a point to have those needs met in your new home.

No matter what your reasons are, if you are finding it too difficult to handle, you need to enlist the help and support of family and friends so that they may remind you how strong you are and how well you’ve handled other transitions and painful decisions in the past.

  1. Focus

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when downsizing, or even just moving in general. That is why it is crucial to stay focused and remember your ultimate goal. Remember that your life continues and that it does not depend on this move. Wherever you are, wherever you live, you are in control of your life and you can choose how to live it because it does not depend on the place you call home.

Downsizing has a lot of great benefits you can enjoy. As long as you keep a fresh and open mind and consult with your local Residential Real Estate Broker for help and advice, you will have a better perspective and acceptance of the idea of a new and smaller home.


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