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Cosying up your home in time for the cooler months

A weaker immune system, freezing weather outside, and the hassle of always having to carry an umbrella around – these are just some of the things to expect in the coming chilly months ahead. It’s no wonder many people are generally unhappy and feeling low during this season.

The weather, once the cold sets in, will be unforgiving for sure. So while you still have time, prepare your house and turn it into a sanctuary you will be excited to come home to after a long day at work and a chilly commute.

Remember, it’s not just about keeping your home warm; it’s about turning it into a cosy and comfortable place that will give you a nice break from the cold outside.

Doors and windows

As much as possible, keep doors closed to keep the heat in and fit doors with draft stoppers to keep the cold air out. Cover windows up with blinds and close them so you can lose sight of the chilly glass windows and keep the warm air inside.


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Since candles are quite dangerous to keep lit at home for extended periods of time, opt for other warm and soothing light sources instead. “Warm light bulbs” are available for sale, so the next time you go shopping for light bulbs, choose the warm variety instead of the cold ones which can be really harsh on the eyes. Keeping it dim and low will help cosy up your home.


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Make your living room more inviting by laying some throw rugs or blankets around. Snuggling up in a bulky throw or blanket is a fantastic way to keep warm and stay comfortable without having to turn both the heat and the heating bill up.


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Out with hard furnishings and in with the soft. Choose a soft couch and bulk it up with cushions for that cosy winter feel. You can further warm things up by adding soft drapery, soft rugs, and perhaps a fabric-covered ottoman as well.





For the rest of the year, you want to keep your home space as wide and open as possible. But this season, you’re looking to achieve a comfortable, cosy, and restful atmosphere. That means it’s time to make little nooks using your furniture and use these “nests” to snuggle up with your favourite book and maybe a hot cup of cocoa too.


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