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Australias Suburbs that have the fastest Internet

Fast Internet is a rarity in Australia so to speak, but it does have spots where the connection is passable enough.

Let us ask you a question: When you think of areas with a fast and stable connection, you might be thinking of the city or the commercial district of an area, since this place has the most concentration of people and the most number of business operating, therefore this area needs the fastest and the most stable to keep it running.

But contrary to popular belief, reported that it’s actually Australia’s suburbs who garnered the fastest connection in the land.

In fact, many are surprised that residential brokers in Victoria and other areas aren’t using this aspect when advertising their properties for sale.

Marta Higuera, founder of Open Agent – a real estate agent comparison site – said that,  “I’m very surprised about how little it gets mentioned [in real estate ads],” since the suburbs received the highest ratings when it comes to Internet speeds.

The National Broadband Network’s roll out has so far, produced unsatisfactory results, especially for those living in remote and rural areas, but it seems that the suburbs are a bit luckier.

The demand for it may be partially blamed on the rising popularity of TV streaming, as Netflix, Hulu and other streaming providers continue to emerge.

The demand of a fast connection has risen over the years as more and more devices can now run the Internet, or at the very least, connected to it in some way thanks to the emergence of Internet of Things.

In fact, there are now smart devices or appliances, which include a fridge that orders milk via the Internet when you are running low on dairy. However, these high-tech features require a fast and stable Internet connection, which means that if you’re from the suburbs, you’re in luck.

With these, real estate agents are now expected to use this angle to advertise properties, which many of them hopes to work.


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