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Apple to become a Sydney tenant in 2015

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Pembroke Real Estate, US-based proprietor of the $250 million 20 Martin Place in Sydney, is said to be in talks with tech giant Apple regarding a potential lease agreement. The tower, currently being developed and set to be completed and ready for occupancy late next year, comprises of 21 levels and 19,080 square metres total area.

Apple is expected to lease around 5,000 square metres in the building, making them the first company to take space there. Should they decide to close the deal and move to 20 Martin Place,  it is highly likely that a lot of other technology companies will take interest in Sydney’s CBD (usually preferred by financial and legal firms) and make the move as well.

Neither Apple nor the agents for the building gave a comment.     

The news comes as Navitas, a large Sydney tenant and a listed education provider, comes close to striking a 16,000 square metre lease deal in 255 Elizabeth Street with Investa Property Group.

Navitas is considering transferring its offices for its professional development, English Languages, and Creative Media courses to Investa’s Elizabeth Street tower, which is also located in Sydney’s CBD.

There has been no comment from Navitas and the building agents, but sources revealed that the lease agreement between the two parties was possible, but not guaranteed.

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