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Amazon Launchpad Aims to Help Small Businesses

The popular e-commerce marketplace, Amazon, recognised the need to help small businesses find leverage and compete with bigger, more established brands. By introducing Launchpad, Amazon seeks to help startups tap into a wider market. Aside from that, these small-scale entrepreneurs can also gain access to useful resources. Moreover, they can connect with, find support from, and collaborate with other more experienced service providers through the so-called Services Hub.


Part of the Package

As participating brands, startups are entitled to certain benefits that can help increase their visibility and establish themselves in the highly competitive online marketplace. Such benefits include a feature on Launchpad’s customised product pages; marketing assistance; and logistics support through Amazon Prime.

How to Participate

  • Register as an Amazon vendor
  • Supply relevant information about the products and services you are offering
  • Confirm an initial order
  • Ship your first order to Amazon’s Fulfillment centres


The Waiting Game

That moment when your first order makes its way to its destination may trigger mixed emotions from you, a startup entrepreneur. After all, the fate of that order will determine your future with Launchpad. More to the point, it will be used to assess the presence or absence of genuine demand for what your business has to offer to the market.


Not One Size Fits All

With an e-commerce giant in the background handling marketing and logistics, startup entrepreneurs can focus more on product creation and business innovation. It is a great opportunity for those still at the starting line towards success.

Then again, the demands may be a challenge too great to conquer for other small-scale entrepreneurs. For instance, not everyone may have enough supply to meet the minimum inventory requirements. Not everyone may be comfortable to build an inventory without the guarantee that they can make a sale out of it. For some, this may mean a setback on their already slim initial profit margin.


Find your Place

Whether or not the Launchpad will propel your business to success, one thing remains clear. The path towards progress from startups and established businesses alike can be taken from many different directions. There is no single route that will lead everyone there. It takes effort, trial, and error to find one’s way. Then again, it is a journey entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes must be willing to take.

Working towards your business’s further growth will be advantageous for its present and future. If you put it on the market for sale, investors will be interested to take part in an enterprise that seriously makes a continuous effort to explore ways to improve and succeed.

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Confidentiality Agreement

In Consideration of the Vendor of the subject business, or any other business introduced to the Proposed Purchaser and their agent National Brokers Network (“the agent”) providing information to the Prospective Purchaser, the Prospective Purchaser agrees:

1. To keep all information provided confidential in respect to the subject business and any other business introduced to the Prospective Purchaser by the Agent.
2. That no information is to be disclosed by the Prospective Purchaser to any third party without consent by the Agent;
3. That it will not use for themselves. Or for others benefit, such information other than to Purchase the subject business or other business introduced by the Agent;
4. That any agreement to purchase the whole or portion of the business shall be exclusively through the Agent;
5. To immediately return to the Agent all such information and other details in written form including any drawings and any copies made of written information, notes, summaries or extracts of any document therefor if any when requested by the Agent;
6. Under no circumstances will the Prospective Purchaser make direct contact with the vendor of the subject business or other introduced business without the prior written consent of the Agent;
7. If the Prospective Purchaser breaches this agreement or buys the business direct from the Vendor, the Prospective purchaser is liable to and indemnifies the Agent for any and all losses the agent may incur including economic loss and loss of income.v

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