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8 essentials you need to start cleaning today

You already know which places in your home are the dirtiest, but what about the items you touch and use every day?

 Here are 8 day to day items you probably use on a daily basis without knowing that they are some of the dirtiest things your body comes into contact with every day.


Dollar bills (and coins) are very, very dirty. And since there’s no way for you to clean them, it’s best to just have a hand sanitiser available at all times to keep your hands clean after handling money.



Did you know that your smartphone has ten times more bacteria than your average toilet seat? And considering how many times you pick it up and use it every day, you probably have all those germs get transferred onto your hands as well. Make it a habit to clean your phone with antibacterial wipes at least once per day to keep the bacteria away.

Keyboard and mouse

Can you keep track of the many hours you spend sitting in front of your computer the entire day? This leaves both your keyboard and your mouse with an accumulation of crumbs, dirt, and germs. These days, there are special vacuum cleaners for keyboards you can use, followed by a wipe down. While you’re at it, might as well clean your desk, too.



Accumulated dirt in and on ear buds may cause ear infections that may lead to other more serious illnesses. Remember never to share earphones with other people, and always clean them before putting them anywhere near your ears. To clean: get an old toothbrush and dust off the surface, then wipe it down using a washcloth dipped in warm water and soap.

Auto steering wheel and gear shift

The interior of your car is just as important as the exterior. When you take it out for a car wash, don’t forget to clean the inside too, especially the steering wheel and the gear shift since these are the two components you get in contact with the most. Antibacterial or Clorox wipes should do the trick.


Your damp toothbrush is a breeding ground for bacteria as germs in the bathroom can stay airborne for hours. Clean your toothbrush regularly by throwing it in the dishwasher once per week, or by soaking it in mouthwash for disinfecting.



Shopping bags

Using reusable shopping bags certainly helps the environment, but you might be putting yourself at risk of disease and other infections if you do not wash them regularly. So, next time you do the laundry, don’t forget to include your shopping bags in the load.



Yoga mat

Your yoga mat has everything from dirt, dust, sweat, and many other particles it comes into contact with when you place it on the floor and stand, sit, or lie down on it. Clean it using a spray bottle filled with a mixture of tea tree oil, an antibacterial agent, and water. Spray on and wipe off after every use, or if you don’t have time for that, you may also throw it in the wash.







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