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5 Summer Business 2015 Ideas for Kids


There are so many different activities children can do in summer. Parents should encourage outdoor and physical activities as opposed to allowing their kids to spend idle time watching TV or playing video games on the couch.

For a truly unique summer experience, teach the value of money to your kids this summer and inspire their entrepreneurial spirit by encouraging them to setup their own business.

That’s right – there are a lot of great business ideas to get your kids busy this coming summer.

Here are a few to get you started.

Lawn work

One way kids can stay physically active AND get paid at the same time is by doing lawn work. Easy and manageable tasks like weeding gardens or raking leaves are easy enough for youngsters to do.

Lemonade stand

Kids from different countries around the world have been doing this for years. It is a tried and tested practice which has a low setup cost and potentially good revenue. Kids can learn to make investments and work hard for it to pay off.

Bake sale

Baking can be a nice way to spend time together with kids. They can help out in the kitchen and learn how to bake goodies they can sell around the neighbourhood. It can be a door-to-door thing or sold at a lemonade stand.

Pet daycare services

If your family is not going on vacation this summer, you can encourage your child to start a pet daycare service for the people in the neighbourhood who will be going away for the summer and have no one to look after their pets.

Cleaning services                                                                                                                                     

Kids may not like chores, but they know how to do things around the house anyway because their parents tell them to. Doing dishes, cleaning windows, or even vacuuming floors are easy enough chores kids can offer services for.

Keep your child occupied this summer with these awesome business ideas for kids.

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