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3 Things to Consider in Getting the Most of Your Business Loan

For small business owners, perfectly juggling their finances is very important.

With this in mind, it’s not surprising that many up and coming entrepreneurs do everything they can to maximise every resource that they have, especially if that money came from a business loan.

Business loans are good in a way that it provides opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs the resources they don’t yet have.

There are many things to consider when getting a loan, so in order for you to determine those, we’ve listed five things that you should consider before you get that business loan.


The Loan’s Overall Cost

You see, when you borrow money, the true cost of how much you’ll pay back after is not clear. Meaning sometimes, when you borrow $5,000, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be paying back exactly $5,000.

There are many factors such as interest rates that inflates the overall cost of borrowing money, so before you sign the necessary documents, ask your lender its true cost.


Shady Interests

You see, some lenders are not that honest when it comes to the interest rates of their loans.

In fact, there’s a thing called “early prepayment penalty.” What does that even mean? Well, basically, it means that even if you pay your loan ON TIME, it will still garner interest. And when you protest about it, they will say that it’s in the contract you’ve signed because according to, these shifty schemes are often hidden in legal jargon, therefore duping you.

So before going for a loan, it’s best to consult an expert such as your trusted business brokers in Victoria.


The Lenders Track Record

Loan Sharks are EVERYWHERE.

So before borrowing a loan, see if the establishment you’re going to borrow from is trustworthy and has a clean track record.

There are cases where the lender is so unscrupulous that they bait desperate small business owners into signing a contract, which favours them heavily.

So before you sign, do your research.

Getting a loan is a big move for many companies, as it is often the major step to take their business to the next level. However, to truly maximise these loans, it pays to do their study first so as to use the money efficiently and most importantly, avoid being scammed.


Confidentiality Agreement

In Consideration of the Vendor of the subject business, or any other business introduced to the Proposed Purchaser and their agent National Brokers Network (“the agent”) providing information to the Prospective Purchaser, the Prospective Purchaser agrees:

1. To keep all information provided confidential in respect to the subject business and any other business introduced to the Prospective Purchaser by the Agent.
2. That no information is to be disclosed by the Prospective Purchaser to any third party without consent by the Agent;
3. That it will not use for themselves. Or for others benefit, such information other than to Purchase the subject business or other business introduced by the Agent;
4. That any agreement to purchase the whole or portion of the business shall be exclusively through the Agent;
5. To immediately return to the Agent all such information and other details in written form including any drawings and any copies made of written information, notes, summaries or extracts of any document therefor if any when requested by the Agent;
6. Under no circumstances will the Prospective Purchaser make direct contact with the vendor of the subject business or other introduced business without the prior written consent of the Agent;
7. If the Prospective Purchaser breaches this agreement or buys the business direct from the Vendor, the Prospective purchaser is liable to and indemnifies the Agent for any and all losses the agent may incur including economic loss and loss of income.v

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