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2016 Home Trends to Watch Out For

As 2015 draws to a close, home style trends for 2016 are already beginning to gain traction in the market, just ask your friendly residential property broker Victoria.

Let’s round them up, shall we?

Nature (sustainability)

sustainable house

More people are showing greater concern for the environment and this is beginning to reflect in their homes. Homeowners are bringing nature into their living spaces, especially those who do not have a garden. Sustainability is all the rage and people are making the greener choice for their homes by going organic and investing in recyclable accessories.


metallic colour

Brass side tables, brass vases, metallic drawer handles, and other shiny interior products are big in 2016. The great thing about this trend is that homeowners don’t need to spend too much for it. A touch of metallic is definitely enough to give any home an added oomph.

Reimagined pieces


In 2016, say no to boredom by making use of the most ordinary and ubiquitous pieces at home and turning them into interesting features around the house. Simple reimagining of everyday items can instantly turn them into conversation starters.



Accessorising and playing with abstract patterns and expressive designs is the best creative outlet a person could have at home. Self-expression will be evident inside homes in 2016.

Deep colours

deep colours

Moody shades will take over 2016 according to international paint brand Dulux. Inspired by a growing focus on space travel and research, dark blues and purples, contrasted with red, pink, and other space age metallics will inspire next year’s interior design choices.

Smart homes (and toilets)

modern house

Connected homes are all about making life easier, and 2016 will see an increase in smart home products and other devices that relate to safety, security, and convenience. This trend will even make it to bathrooms with the increasing popularity of intelligent toilets that have features like automatic closing and opening heated toilet seats, deodorisers, automated flushing, night lights and more.

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